Thursday, 10 February 2011

Record catch at Roudsea

10 February 2011. Present: JAF

123 birds processed (45 new) represents a record catch for this site (previous best 94).
A retrapped Marsh Tit ringed on 3rd March 2003 is the oldest known bird in the wood and was a member of the first cohort of Marsh Tits in the RAS project.

Species list (additional retraps in brackets): Marsh Tit: 2 (+11); Coal Tit 2 (+9); Blue Tit 18 (+28); Great Tit 20 (+29); Nuthatch 1 (+1); Chaffinch 2.

"Old Faithful", (right below: blue above red; left below: metal) 
is the oldest known bird in the wood

Hazel catkins in late winter sunshine in Roudsea Woods and Mosses NNR


Nip said...

thats a very large number Jim

Richard said...

Another year or two to go before that marti beats the British record. I've had a female get to 8, and currently have a male that is coming up to his 8th birthday (ringed as a juv in autumn 2003). He's bred with the same female for 7 years but no sign of her last week. Quite a few make it to 4 or 5.


Nip said...

I had an australian magpie for 10 years