Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Present CG, RG, JS,AM, NH and MW.
A cold weather movement brought two old cock ringers South.
A total of 117 birds processed of which 83 were new. The 14 species were as follows, (re-traps):
FIELDFARE 34, Wren (1),  Dunnock  (1), Robin 5 (6), Blackbird 10 (4), Song Thrush 5 (2), Redwing 3, Blackcap 1 (3), Long-tailed Tit 9 (4), Coal Tit  (1), Blue Tit 3 (5), Chaffinch 7 , Brambling 1, Bullfinch 5 (7).

Who has lost his binoculars?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Roudsea at Long Tom

20 January 2010; Present: JAF, ES.

74 birds processed, 39 new: Marsh Tit 2 (+2); Coal Tit 4 (+3); Blue Tit 21 (+17); Great Tit 11 (+13); Nuthatch 1.

Emily processes a Blue Tit...

And then fries the bacon.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Blackbird - Deformed Bill

As you may have noticed the B.T.O. are showing interest in birds with deformed bills.  Here is one I caught some time ago and never saw again.

First Year Female 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Woodcock recovery

Does anybody remember this fellow? First appeared here when ringed a year ago (10 January 2010) at Askam Pits. Sadly, recovered shot 19 days later near Broughlane, Antrim, Northern Ireland, on 29th January 2010, a distance of 209 km.

Ringing and recovery places. I wonder if it stopped of on the 
Isle of Man on its way over to Northern Ireland

Colour Ringed Waxwing Photographed Three Times

This juvenile female was given three colour rings.  Lime Green over White over Yellow and on the other leg a BTO Ring  NW49498.
This  on 27/11/2010 at Claremont Gardens,  Nellfied,  ABERDEEN

Ulverston,  Cumbria      334 km SSW      21/12/2010       Ken Hindmarch
Hatfield, Hertfordshire     332km SSE       08/01/2011       John Yates
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire        4.5 km NNE      11/01/2011      Chris Beach

View Waxwing map in a larger map

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hay Bridge - Red Kites and Winter Fires

Present RG, CG, KH.
The plan was to catch finches, but the distraction of  Red Kites flying overhead and a winter fire close by reduced the catch. 73 birds were processed, (15) re-traps and 1 control Redpoll.
Blackbird 1, Long-tailed Tit 3, Coal Tit 4 (2), Blue Tit 21(10), Great Tit 7, Chaffinch 6 (1),  Goldfinch1, Siskin 4, Redpoll 11(2).

REDPOLL  (KH's only photo not in hand)

SISKIN ( unfortunately after ringing)

First Visit To Eskmeals

Present KH, AM, JF, RG, CG.
This visit produced 118 birds to process, including 34 (re-traps). They were as follows . Sparrowhawk 1, Wren2, Robin(1), Blackbird 13 (3), Fieldfare 11, Song Thrush 4(1), Redwing 10, Blackcap 4(2), Goldcrest 1, Long-tailed Tit 1(1), Coal Tit 3(1), Blue Tit 8(13) Great Tit (4),  Treecreeper (1), Chaffinch 21, Bullfinch 5(7)
Redwing  (Rosalyn's Favourite)
Fieldfare  (An Eskmeals Speciality Enjoyed by All Members)

Private Garden Produces 23 Blackbirds In One December Visit 2010

Present AM, CG, and RG. 
This site produced 102 birds ringed with one Blue Tit control.  They were as follows note no retraps.  Dunnock 3, Robin 7, Blackbird 23, Coal Tit 1, Blue Tit 47, Great Tit 9, Chaffinch 8, Goldfinch 2, Yellowhammer 1.  
Male Blackbird


9 January 2011. Present: JAF, KH.
A Waxwing caught and ringed at Scales, Furness, represents the first ringing record of this species for the 01229 Ringing Group.

 Waxwing, processed as 5M at Scales, Furness

Sunday morning in the Park

9 January 2011; Present: JAF
Going well untill the kids turned up. Why do kids need to play in a park on a Sunday morning? Can't they meet up on Facebook?
Just 8 bird ringed before kids stopped play: Starling 1; Blackbird 1; Robin 2; Blue Tit 1; Bullfinch 3.
The first Starling I have ringed for some time!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

First visit to Roudsea, 2011

8th January 2011 Present JAF, KW
34 birds processed, 19 new (retraps in brackets): Blackbird 1; Long-tailed Tit 1 (+6); Marsh Tit 2 (+1); Coal Tit 2 (+3); Blue Tit 8 (+2); Great Tit 5 (+3).

Kim gets her pliers into action in 2011