Saturday, 17 April 2010

Two Chiffchaffs Return to Eskmeals 17/04/2010

Present:   KH. JS. AM. CG.  RG.
A total of 63 birds were caught of 14 species.  They were as follows, (re-traps).
Robin 2(3) Blackcap1(0) Blackbird 5(0) Bullfinch 4(3) Dunnock 6(2) Blue Tit 4(2) Wren 5(1) Chiffchaff 8(2) Willow Warbler 5(0) Long-tailed Tit 0(2) Goldfinch 2(0) Chaffinch 2(0) Coal Tit 1(0) Lesser Redpoll 3(0).

A. M. giving a wing measurement "Master Class"

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Roudsea - Australian assistance

This morning's visit to Roudsea was with Australian friend Simon Cotter on a birding visit to England over Easter. We ringed down near the marsh and processed just 14 birds: 9 new, 4 local retraps and 1 Blue Tit control (recaptures in brackets): Blue Tit 1 (4); Great Tit 1 (1); Coal Tit 1 (0); Robin 1 (0); Treecreeper 1 (0); Chaffinch 2 (0); Reed Bunting 2 (0).

Simon at the ringing station at Roudsea Woods and Mosses National Nature Reserve

Simon seems pleased with his Reed Bunting

Male Reed Bunting

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Chiffchaff Migrant? 27/03/2010

Present KH AM JS MW RG.
The idea was for some ringing but ride preparation for the summer was priority.
Almost immediately we caught a Chiffchaff which had been previously caught on  19/09/2009.  This split the team into two camps.  Two people thought it had possibly over-wintered and the other three that it was a returning migrant.  The pros and cons to the discussion I leave you to work out.  The re-trap Blackcaps were initially caught on the same date as the Chiffchaff but obviously had over-wintered.
The totals for the species ringed (re-traps) were as follows: Blackbird 2; Goldcrest 2(1); Chiffchaff (1); Dunnock 3(1); Robin 3(3); Blue Tit 1; Great Tit 1; Blackcap 1(2).