Monday, 21 February 2011

Miserable Monday at Roudsea

21 February 2011, present: JAF, KW.

A promising start with 4 Marsh Tits in the first round before rain stopped play at nine o'clock. 23 birds processed, 13 new (additional retraps in brackets): Robin (1); Blackbird 1; Marsh Tit 2 (+2); Blue Tit 3 (+3); Great Tit 2 (+4); Nuthatch 2; Chaffinch 1; Lesser Redpoll 1.

Kim tries to stay cheerful
on a miserable Monday morning
processing the last few birds
before rain stopped play.


Anonymous said...

Minor point. I was not present.

O1229 Ringing Group said...

Sorry Ken, typo corrrected.

simon said...

still- good results