Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pair of Goldcrest Return to Eskmeals 16/04/2011

Present RG, CG, AM, JS and KH.
On imputing two re-trap Goldcrests into IPMR I noticed that this male and female had been caught together approximately 12 months earlier. A pair of Pied Wagtails were an unusual catch for this site, being only the third and fourth caught in 23 years. The photograph below illustrates how they started a debate.  Motacilla alba or yarrellii.  Close examination on site and then of photos taken and the use of reference books confirmed that both were yarrellii.
Bird on Right Lighter than Photograph Shows 
 A total of 66 birds processed 22 of which were re-traps.  They were as follows,(re-traps): Pied Wagtail 2, Wren 4(1), Dunnock 3(2), Robin 3(5), Blackbird 1(2), Song Thrush 1, Blackcap 5(1), Chiffchaff 3(5), Willow Warbler 3, Goldcrest (2), Coal Tit 1(1), Blue Tit 2, Chafffinch 4, Lesser Redpoll 2(1), Bullfinch 10 (2).   

Monday, 11 April 2011

Redstart and Returning Migrants 09/04/2011

Present: RG; CG; AM; KH  and JS.
A total of 45 birds of 11 species were processed of which 9 were (re-traps). They were as follows. Wren (1), Redstart 1, Blackbird (1), Blackcap 3(0), Chiffchaff 8(1), Willow warbler 5(1), Long-tailed-Tit 1(1), Coal Tit (1), Chaffinch 5, Lesser Redpoll 2, Bullfinch 9(3). The highlight was a male Redstart.  This was unfortunately only seen by myself as I was working some distance from the others and the birds welfare comes first.  It was the first I had handled in the spring and I could not believe the amount of feather abrasion.. A photograph is included for the benefit of the others in the group.  The two returning warblers were of no significant age. 

Can Anyone Age This?  
Feathers Stuck Together by Nectar.