Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Some of our Boxes

Keeping the locals informed.

Some of the group run nest box schemes for Pied Flycatchers etc.  Although they are just coming to completion below is a report produced for  a  Deer Reserve  and Environment Education Centre in the South Lakes which no longer supports many Pied Flycatcher. Apologies for the simplistic style it is for "Joe Public." 


Sunday, 21 July 2013

This Mixed Year

Being too close to the sea our group's main site is not a constant effort site and so we have no accurate means of comparing years.  Having said this the general consensus is warbler adult numbers are down but breeding success is high. The Marsh Tit study indicates a good breeding season and hopefully will arrest the decline. Other nest box species were successful although box occupancy indicated lower numbers.  Little and Artic Tern again had a disastrous breeding year and also the waders.
Below is the totals for the 34 species the group is involved with the exception of  Twite and waders which are on separate databases and my lack of skill does not allow me to combine these easily. 


The Peregrines in Cumbria have had a poor breeding season.  There were high hopes this year as most of the local birds had  a years rest from breeding the previous year. The average successful clutch was 1.66 and some birds did not attempt to breed for the second year. The photographs below were taken at a site where the birds had a second attempt.  Four eggs laid, two young raised with one infertile egg. The other, the chick died during chipping out. The eggs were sent to Lancaster University for storage and possible future analysis.