Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Group's Totals For The Year

Contributions by KH, CG, RG, AM. KW, JS and JAF.
4362 birds processed of 57 species ringed throughout the year and they were as follows(retraps/controls are in brackets and are in addition to the birds ringed):

Sparrowhawk 3; Moorhen 2; Oystercatcher 10 Pulli;  Ringed Plover 138, 16 pulli

Dunlin 63; Woodcock 2(1), Common Gull 1; Arctic Tern pulli 20; Little Tern pulli 4;

Tawny Owl 2, Kingfisher 1; Great Spotted Woodpecker 11(6); Swallow 8;

Meadow Pipit 4; Tree Pipit 2; Wren 72(27); Dunnock 97(31); Robin 163(87);

Black Redstart 1; Blackbird 177(36); Fieldfare 90; Song Thrush 72(9); Redwing 21(1);

Sedge Warbler 11; Reed Warbler 1(3); Lesser Whitethroat 15(2); Whitethroat 16;

Garden Warbler 6; Blackcap 80(11); Wood Warbler 2; Chiffchaff 57(10);

Willow Warbler 50(11); Goldcrest 67(22); Pied Flycatcher 3(1) 83 pulli;

Long-tailed Tit 61(48); Marsh Tit 39(73); Coal Tit 129(95); Blue Tit 598(236);

Great Tit 259(152); Nuthatch 12(5); Treecreeper 30(5); Jay 2; Starling 4;

House Sparrow 20; Tree Sparrow 8;  Chaffinch 221(10); Brambling 1;

Greenfinch 14; Goldfinch 21(2); Siskin 32(2); Linnet 4; Lesser Redpoll 202(4);

Bullfinch 163(23); Yellowhammer 8; Reed Bunting 36(2); Twite 38(17).

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sparrowhawk Reduces Twite Catch

Present JS, RG, CG, and KH.

A beautiful day on Askam Pier promised so much. As we were setting up the Whoosh Net three Peregrines were flying above. One of the males made a food pass to a female whilst a first year male screamed at them.  The three then made off inland.The conditions were perfect and everything looked like the banner Photo. at the top of this blog. Within minutes the first catch produced 3 new birds 2 re-traps from this year and 1 from last year.  We were about to press the button for a second time on the Twite when a male Sparrowhawk attacked.  The Twite escaped and after hanging around for a minute or two the Sparrowhawk moved on.   This was the last we saw of the Twite for 4 hours. When they returned they stayed on the steep rough rocky side of the pier. 

This Years Colour Combination for the Duddon Estuary

Juvenile With Some Old Greater Coverts

Typical Wing Of  Known Adult 

Monday, 13 December 2010

Two Species Not Normally Caught at Eskmeals

Present A.M.  J.S. K.H. R.G.  and  C.G.
Although not unknown at this site Brambling and Tawny Owl were the highlights of December, so far.  A total of 179 birds have been processed of 19 species.  They were as follows (re-traps).  Tawny Owl 1. Wren 1(4), Dunnock 1(5), Robin 4(7), Blackbird 19(6), Fieldfare 13, Song Thrush11(3), Redwing 1, Blackcap 5,Golcrest1(1), Long-tailed Tit 3(2), Coal Tit 6(6), Blue Tit 15(12), Great Tit (3), Treecreeper 1, Chaffinch 25, Brambling 1, Greenfinch 4, Bullfinch 14(12).

When ringing we don't always see the wildlife we would with a pair of binoculars and no distractions.  Here are two shots, taken by our chief photographer, in the ringing area.