Sunday, 14 August 2011

Group Meets N.W. Swan Group Member.

Present JS. KH. RG. and CG.  Jack Sheldon is a member of our group and The North West Swan Ringing Group. Through Jack, who has taken these photographs and is therefore not on any, it was arranged to extend our skills/knowledge by ringing Mute Swans.  Charles Findley showed the members the finer points of how to do this.  The day before, we were ringing birds 1000 times lighter in weight and thanks to his patience we each ringed, and colour ringed, 4 birds each. Detailed photographs and notes were taken of each stage for future expeditions.  A few are shown here to give a flavour of the day. Thanks again Charles.

A Picture of  Rural Tranquillity

Trussed and Indignant

Charles Shows Weighing Technique
Colin is not thinking of "Chicken In A Basket"