Thursday, 6 October 2011

Isle of May Trip

Present MW, RG, CG, LH, KH and (Mike Easton, Temporary Member).
This trip which some of the team take annually is very weather dependant.  The most successful ones being with some Easterly wind during the week.  Everyone enjoyed the week of hot weather but Southerly winds.  It was so hot at one stage I cooked my camera taking Gannet photographs, just as they were getting closer. Only 140+ birds were ringed and the winter thrushes arrived as we were leaving.  Further photographs will be posted on my other blog.

Colin,Maynall,Ken, Linda and Rosalyn towards end of the week

Determined to do Better Next Year

This Spotted Flycatcher gave one Person Identification Problems
Our Constant Companions Unless You Were Carrying A Camera

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simon said...

lloks a great trip. Linda is looking very sporting Ken