Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Let the Rassing commence!

Roudsea Woods and Mosses NNR, 1 March 2011, Present JAF

A good start on the first day of the Marsh Tit RAS season with one new bird and 18 retraps/re-sightings.

A total of 116 birds processed, 39 new (additional retraps in brackets): Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 (+3); Marsh Tit 1 (+18); Coal Tit 2 (+2); Blue Tit 20 (+21); Great Tit 10 (+33); Nuthatch 4; Chaffinch 1.

Roudsea Woods and Mosses NNR on a spring morning

 The first Marsh Tit of the 2011 R.A.S season

And what better way to kick-off the RAS season than with a fry-up on the trangia!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Thought you might be interested in my annual adult survival totals from Cambs over the past few years:

2003/4 = 69%
2004/5 = 41%
2005/6 = 54%
2006/7 = 51%
2007/8 = 47%
2008/9 = 68%
2009/10 = 41%

Overall, males and females worked out the same (53%). Survival among juvs has been very low - just 5% of fledged chicks survived to breed. Good luck with the season,

Richard Broughton

simon said...

is 5% normal/abnormal/low/ Jim?
A fry up on a trangia is the best!

O1229 Ringing Group said...

Thanks Rich. I will be writing to you soon.

Simon: I have not ringed enough chicks to estimate that one in my own population, but certainly, chick survival is notoriously low in any small bird.

simon said...