Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Mist Net System Pays Off

Present JS, AM, RG, CG, KH.
A total of 182 birds were processed of which 52 were re-traps. This was achieved over two days 6 and 7/11/2010. Seventeen species were caught. the details are as follows,re-traps in brackets.Wren 7(0), Dunnock 3(1), Robin 10(15), Blackbird 16(3), Fieldfare 4(0), Song Thrush 6(1), Redwing 3(0), Blackcap 5(0), Goldcrest 4(0), Long-tailed Tit 0(5), Coal Tit 5(5), Blue Tit 34(10), Great Tit 1(1), Treecreeper 2(1), Chaffinch 10(2), Greenfinch1(0), Bullfinch 19(8).
These numbers are typical for this time of year at Eskmeals except for the Blue Tit figure which is exceptionally high. A five year old Robin was a nice record, the longevity record for specie is 8 years old.
Centre  Pole of a Double Net Arrangement
Close up View Showing Fence Wire Hooks and Elastic
On our site we are fortunate, we can leave the poles standing and providing a 102mm howitzer shell does not fall it is there the next time we visit.  Nets furled overnight in winter are more often than not frozen solid.handling these and frozen poles is not pleasant. The photos. above shows how the elastic takes the weight of the net and any discrepancies in shelf string lentghs.  We  have found it better to put each net in the same place each time. The white elastic stays with the hooks on the poles.  The green string is for tethering the nets as normal prior to bagging.  Elastic is only used at one end of each net,  hooks made from heavy duty fence wire run up and down freely at the other end.

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