Thursday, 14 October 2010

Net Clips ( Patent Pending )

There are many different systems on all the ways we catch, and each ringer has his own personal techniques and some ringers are constantly trying to improve on perfection. So here is yet another one born out of frustration with tangled nets. The photos. below are of clips used to re-seal plastic bags. They are of minimal cost but get the ones with a mechanical hinge not the ones that clip together by bending at the end as they will eventually break.  When held this way the net loops will not feed through each other.  When taking down a net the clip is held in the up position at all times. This will ensure that you will not have to take twists out of the net length when next putting up the net.  The net can't  twist along its length as it is put into the bag.   

The two ends of a net firmly clipped ready for bagging

The clip in positioned whilst the net is still on the pole

Inner edges cut away to allow for the North Ron. net loops extra thickness
These clips can be used as an aid when furling, to hold the furled net together along the length.  If used in this way care must be taken to ensure the net will not part open by use of the appropriate number of clips.


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