Monday, 8 February 2010

13,000 Fieldfare at Eskmeals 06/02/2010

present JS ,AM ,KH

Strictly speaking 13,000 were estimated a few days earlier as part of the B.T.O. Atlas. There were thousands on Saturday with many more feeding in the surrounding fields and roosting within the gun range.
49 birds were processed with 38 being new ( retraps shown in brackets):
Fieldfare 15(0); Blackbirds 3(1); Song Thrush 2(0);Bullfinch 5(4);Blue Tit 4(3);Blackcap 2(0);Great Tit 3(2);Chaffinch 2(0);Coal Tit 1(0);Long-tailed Tit 1(1)

Fieldfare what Fieldfare?

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Phil Slade said...

Those ekept you busy for a while Alan. Good to see you're still at it.