Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Askam Twite Finally in the Net

Present: J.S. and K.H.

The first birds of this year, none were caught in the spring, were caught in late November. Only 50+ are on this winter site down approximately 50%. The catch of 24 with none escaping were 94% this years pulli. We have noticed in the past, two separate sections of the flock. As with waders different ages loosely stay together, this may be some sort of pecking order. Statistically 70% of what we catch are 3s with the expected sex ratio of 50%.The actual ringing site is in the middle of the slag bank shown , known locally as the Pier as it sticks out into the Duddon Estuary.


Jim said...

Well dome :-)

Jim said...

Just for wider information, those of us live in Askam refer top it as "The Pier" (not the slag bank!).