Thursday, 3 December 2009

Roudsea Woods and Mosses 03 December 2009

Present: JAF, PM

A good session with 52 birds processed of which 17 were new, including the first Kingfisher for Roudsea.

New birds: Kingfisher 1; Goldcrest 1; Long-tailed Tit 4; Marsh Tit 2; Coal Tit 3; Blue Tit 5; Great Tit 1.

Pam seems happy to process the first Kingfisher ever ringed in the wood

The amount of orange on the lower mandible indicates this is an adult female

"Old Faithful" - Blue above Red on right leg was ringed on 2nd March 2003 in the first cohort of Marsh Tits.

It is the oldest known bird in the wood


Tortoiseshell said...

Congratulations Pam, I hope it was worth the long trip!

Pam said...

Not such a long trip these days but I was absolutely thrilled.