Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Recent Dunlin Recoveries and Controls

Although other people were involved outside of our unofficial ringing group it has been decided to publish these and other Wader recoveries on our blog where some of our team has been involved. Distances and direction of travel have been omitted where time is greater than 50 days.     The time referred to below is the approximate date between the two handling occurrences in years.
SPECIE                   RING NO    RINGED                   CONTROLLED                        TIME
Calidris alpina        SB49705    Moeze    France                 Bardsea ,Cumbria                   3
Calidris schinzii     NT48863    Bardsea ,Cumbria              Leverton,Lincolnshire            8   
Dunlin                    NR93148    Tummerhill,Cumbria         Snettisham,Norfolk               13
Dunlin                    NS18903    Tummerhill,Cumbria         Terrington,Lincolnshire         9
Dunlin                    NS18942    Tummerhill,Cumbria          Holbeach,Lincolnshire          9
Watch this space more to follow. Please note this is not a response to the latest omissions in Ringing and Migration.


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