Monday, 11 April 2011

Redstart and Returning Migrants 09/04/2011

Present: RG; CG; AM; KH  and JS.
A total of 45 birds of 11 species were processed of which 9 were (re-traps). They were as follows. Wren (1), Redstart 1, Blackbird (1), Blackcap 3(0), Chiffchaff 8(1), Willow warbler 5(1), Long-tailed-Tit 1(1), Coal Tit (1), Chaffinch 5, Lesser Redpoll 2, Bullfinch 9(3). The highlight was a male Redstart.  This was unfortunately only seen by myself as I was working some distance from the others and the birds welfare comes first.  It was the first I had handled in the spring and I could not believe the amount of feather abrasion.. A photograph is included for the benefit of the others in the group.  The two returning warblers were of no significant age. 

Can Anyone Age This?  
Feathers Stuck Together by Nectar.

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