Thursday, 5 August 2010

Getting into moult at Roudsea

4th August 2010
Present: KW and JAF
We erected 5 x 18m and 2 x 12m nets, one at a baited site.
We processed 32 birds of which 6 were retraps (in brackets) : Great Spotted Woodpecker (1); Wren 1; Robin 1; Blackcap 2; Chiffchaff (1); Willow Warbler 3; Marsh Tit 3; Coal Tit 3; Blue Tit 4 (1); Great Tit 4 (3); Redpoll 5.

A single black feather in the crown is sufficient to sex this juvenile Blackcap as a male

Kim undertakes her first primary moult score with this Great Tit

A rather moth-eaten looking adult Blackcap in active primary moult (three feathers in the centre are growing)

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