Monday, 1 March 2010

March 1st - Rassing commences at Roudsea

Present: JAF and KW.

Today was the first official day of our Marsh Tit "RAS Season". We got off to a flying start with 10 Marsh Tits processed and an additional dozen field observations of colour-ringed birds.

37 birds of six species were processed, 9 new and 28 local retraps (retraps in brackets):

Marsh Tit 1 (9); Coal Tit 2 (3); Blue Tit 5 (10); Great Tit 0 (5); Jay 1 (0); Chaffinch 0 (1).

By Ancient Custom and Practice, the first day of the RAS Season is marked by a cooked breakfast.
Kim attends to the bacon sizzling in the Trangia in the field kitchen.

Kim seems pleased with her first Jay.
I believe she went home with all ten fingers intact.

The Jay was processed as an adult male

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